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Skin Care for Men

Up until recently it was thought that men who looked after their skin and followed a skin care for men regime were something unusual and not the norm. Now however with many famous men using skin care product for men it has become a totally acceptable practice and a lot of men use skin care for men. Men no longer have to make do with soap and water to cleanse their skin and have many products designed specifically for men to use in their daily routines. Grooming and skin care for men was first the norm back in the days of ancient Egypt and men used different oils and fragrances as part of their skin care routine. Then skin care for men seemed to take a back seat up until the reign of Elizabeth 1 when men began to use products to improve their skin and whiten their teeth.

The first kind of skin care for men, which was introduced the public was a facial wash; this was then followed by many more skin care products for men. The range of skin care products for men is now almost as wide ranging as those for women. As well as the mentioned facial washes there are also toners, moisturizers, facial scrubs, shaving oils and balms and many more skin care for men products. There is even make up that is for men to hide any imperfections on their skin. Men no longer have to feel self conscious about how they look or have to resort to using their partner’s skin care products as many men did without telling anyone. Now instead men can buy skin care products for men which are perfect for their skin and are in a range of fragrances which suit men perfectly.

Spas and beauty salons also now cater for men and many men have different treatments such as facials, sun tanning, teeth whitening and even botox! There is no stigma attached to buying men’s skin care products and admitting to other people that you use them. This is something that was once laughed at as not being manly enough and men were meant to just make do with soap and water to cleanse their skin. This would have made their skin very dry and do nothing for skin conditions like dry or itching skin and would have made the problem even worse. Shaving also harms a man’s skin and the old shaving foams and soaps were very harsh and dried out a man’s skin and then the aftershave which was splashed on would further dry out the skin and make it sting. Now there is no need for this, for dry skin care, a man can use an oil or gel that suits his skin type and that can be followed by a moisturizer or balm to smooth and the skin and prevent it drying and becoming sore.