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Pregnancy Skin Care Tips

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life in which she is feeling the miracle of life grows inside of her uterus. This is a time when a woman usually appears radiant and glowing. Some women experience many skin issues throughout their pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause the appearance of stretch marks or cause skin to break out. There are several pregnancy skin care products on the market.

During the first trimester of pregnancy a woman may experience changes in the condition of their skin. These changes in skin are caused from the hormonal changes that are taken place within the woman’s body. It is important to be well informed of several skin care products that are effective during pregnancy. This allows a woman to feel and look her best during the months of pregnancy.

As a woman approaches the end of her second trimester she may notice a discoloration of the skin. This discoloration is very common on the forehead, upper lip, nose and cheek. This discoloration affects seventy-percent of pregnant women. Due to increased hormone levels the pregnant woman may find dark patches of skin that have developed. These dark patches will fade once the baby is born. The proper skin care to treat these dark patches is to avoid sunlight and to use sunscreen.

Another common problem for pregnant women is the appearance of acne. This is most common in women during their first trimester. An easy skin care solution to treat acne is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Also a woman who is experiencing acne should drink plenty of water.

Some pregnant women are affected by a dry, itchy abdomen. The abdomen becomes dry and itchy from the growth of the skin of the belly. The proper skin care technique to treat this problem is to use a moisturizing cream or olive oil. This can provide instant relief. Do not use a skin care product that contains alcohol because this can cause the skin to become even dryer.

Skin tags or tiny polyps can appear where the skin rubs parts of the clothing. These tags are usually found in the areas under the breasts, under the arms, on the chest or between neck folds. A health care provider may have to remove these tiny polyps once the bay is born.

While pregnant make sure to get plenty of rest, use a moisturizer, use a mild soap to prevent the clogging of pores, avoid exposure to sunlight, drink plenty of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will ensure healthy skin throughout your pregnancy.