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Peeling Feet Causes

Sometimes the skin on our feet tends to peel, particularly around the heels. This feet peeling could be a result of fungal infection, poor hygiene, or a result of drying skin. While peeling skin on the feet isn’t a threatening condition, it can be irritating and sometimes painful. In most cases, the affected individual will get better within a few days of treatment as a new layer of skin generates. If you find your heel is itching or begins to crack, you might have to seek treatment from one of the following:

Dry Skin – The most common cause of flaking and peeling is dry skin. It results in flaking patches, itching of the skin and cracked heels. Dry skin can be a symptom of an underlying (or prevailing) illness like diabetes or just a symptom of poor skin maintenance and ageing. While dry skin can be just a minor irritant, if the peeling and cracking isn’t addressed, the cracks on the foot could begin to bleed, leading to infection.

Peeling Feet Skin Treatment:

To get rid of peeling skin on the feet which is cracked, you will need to apply ointments and creams directed towards healing cracked and dry feet. In case of bleeding, consult a doctor.

Athlete’s Foot – Itchy peeling feet accompanied by blisters and a burning sensation on the foot could mean a fungal infection. This infection is commonly referred to as athlete’s foot. It is the result of persistent sweating in a closed environment; when your foot is trapped in a pair of socks and shoes, all day long, it creates and ideal environment for fungal growth.

The easiest way to treat peeling feet is to maintain hygiene. Don’t wear your shoes unless you have to. Once you remove your shoes, wash feet and keep them dry. If you do catch the infection, apply anti-fungal powders and creams. An easy home remedy for peeling feet is to soak feet in a water and apple cider vinegar solution twice a day for at least fifteen minutes. Massaging your feet with tea tree oil before bed also helps.

Eczema – Another peeling feet cause is eczema. These encompass a variety of skin conditions, each with a different cause. The most common of these causes are allergic reactions and immune reactions.

Peeling Skin Care

Measures to avoid peeling dry skin

  • It is easy to avoid peeling on feet. All you need to do is follow some basic rules and pointers to ensure your feet are always healthy.
  • Makes sure all your skin care products use mild and gentle ingredients. The lower the content of alcohol and chemicals in the product, the better it is for your skin.
  • It is important to exfoliate. Gently remove dead and peeling skin from your foot regularly. However, it is important not to over exfoliate and irritate the skin further.
  • Keep the foot well moisturized. When picking up a foot cream, be sure it includes an ingredient known as alpha hydroxyl. This makes it easier to remove dead skin and allows the moisturizer more effective penetration.
  • Take care of your feet. Keep them well moisturized and well aired.