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A pedicure is a way in which many people choose to improve the condition and appearance of their feet and nails. It is very much like a manicure for the feet. The word pedicure comes from the Latin words ‘pes’ – which means foot and ‘cura’ which means care, so really pedicure means foot care. Pedicures are very popular nowadays and all beauty salons and spas offer pedicures alongside manicures. People realize how important their feet are and like to make sure that they are taken care of correctly.

When a person goes for a pedicure they will usually have their feet immersed in water which contains soap. They will have their feet soaked in this in order for the skin on their feet to become soft so the person performing the pedicure can get rid of any dry skin on the feet, sometimes a foot scrub is used with a pumice stone to remove dead skin. The pedicurist will then take the feet out of the water and begin to use various tools to get rid of any more dead skin which has not been removed by exfoliation. The cuticles will be pushed back using an orange stick; this will improve the condition of the nails and keep them looking neat. The nails will also be cut and filed so they look clean and well kept. Sometimes a pedicurist will then massage the feet to work in oil and relax the person getting the pedicure, or the feet will be moisturized with a lotion. This helps the feet stay in excellent condition and is very relaxing and can soothe aching feet.

French pedicures are also popular as it adds an extra touch of glamour to the feet, this is done in exactly the same way as a French Manicure would be done – only it is the nails of the feet being polished, not he nails of the hands. This makes the nails look attractive and is perfect for anyone who wants to wear sandals so the toes are shown off. This procedure is usually carried out whilst the person is sitting in a pedicure chair which is chair the can be raised or lowered so that the pedicurist can reach the person feet without much difficulty. The feet are usually put on a rolled up towel which the pedicurist sometimes put on his or her knee so they can work closely with the feet.

If a person has particularly dry skin on their feet, then they may have a paraffin pedicure. This works by putting the feet in to warm paraffin wax which dries on the feet once they have been taken out. The wax is left for a while to soak into the skin and then it is peeled off, leaving the feet extra moisturized, smooth and soft. The pedicurist will then put extra moisturizing cream on the feet to really get them soft and this will improve their condition and make dry and cracked heels appear much better.