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Natural Skin Care

Are you looking for outstanding non-toxic organic and natural skincare, hair care, body care and sun care, free from harmful chemicals? Do you need tips on skin care which are suitable for vegans? All our guidance is based natural and organic know-how, designed to re-hydrate and care for your skin. Carefully designed to nurture and soothe your skin.

  • Give Yourself a Dry Brush Exfoliation

A dry brush exfoliation may be done in the morning before taking a shower. It removes dead skin cells and lets the skin detox (the skin is the largest organ of elimination). Besides, dry brush exfoliation improves lymph and blood circulation and reduces puffiness. An additional advantage is that the gentle pressure is calming to the nervous system. To give yourself a dry brush exfoliation, all you will need is a soft, natural bristle brush.

  • Rev up your digestion

In alternative medicine, good skin is a manifestation of good digestion. People with skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis suffer from chronic constipation, imbalanced good vs. bad bacteria, leaky gut, and other digestive conditions. The two most common sluggish digestion causes are:

  1. Not having enough water. Water bathes cells and gets rid of waste products, preventing constipation.
  2. Not Enough fiber. The majority of people lack fiber in their diets – the average person eats only 12 g of fiber a day.
  3. Invigorate Sluggish Circulation
  • Do you have a sedentary lifestyle? One of the best things you could do for your skin, stress level, and overall health is to get moving. Inactivity could affect your skin and promote bloating and puffiness, acne, cellulite, and loss of muscle tone.


  • Avoid Excess Sugar

It may seem impossible for you to reduce your sugar intake. But it can be done, and a gradual approach works best. Next week, choose one thing you are going to do to reduce the amount of sugar you have. For instance, start by cutting the amount of sugar in your daily coffee or tea by half. Each week, find another way you can reduce your sugar intake. Very soon, you will be surprised at how far you've come!

  • Eat Some Good Fats

Essential fatty acids are simply fats that your body can’t live without. They are required to make cell membranes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Essential fats are believed to keep the heart healthy, fight inflammation, and possibly even prevent cancer. They are also very important to people with inflammatory conditions such as eczema and acne. And also for people with dry skin. Folks with essential fat deficiency sometimes notice bumps on the backs of their arms.