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Men's Genital Herpes Remedy

Genital herpes is a viral infection affecting the genital skin. This infection is transmitted sexually and can cause a lot of malaise.
Though the condition specifically targets the male genitals, the symptoms are by no means only local. For those who contract it for the first time, the symptoms that surface initially are in the entire body and are often confused with other diseases.
A person may feel a sudden decrease in the appetite with increasing fever that causes a lot of fatigue and pain. There are also random muscle aches and sometimes the person becomes bed ridden just because of the pain during movement.

Locally, painful blisters could erupt all over the genital skin. These blisters are filled with clear fluid and are generally found along the rectum or nearby areas. These blisters always appear after brief bouts of skin sensitivity and burning. The person may also experience severe itching and pain in the genital area. In a couple of days, blisters appear on the areas where there was an itch.
If the blisters erupt and the fluid flows out, small ulcers are formed which are very painful. The ulcers are shallow and eventually crust out in about 1-2 weeks and heal. However, till the time they are present, they are really bothersome.
Once you get infected, the virus may lay dormant in the nerve cells for a long period of time. Since the virus is in hiding and that too within the nerve cells, the immune system is unable to find it and destroy it. This infection later activates and reactivates itself several times. When it is reactivated, the painful blisters come back again on the genitals, anus and mouth. Fatigue and stress can in fact trigger the resurgence of the symptoms of herpes. These attacks can be very seldom or even continuous.  

Cure for Genital Herpes in Men

The treatment for genital herpes aims to do two things. The first is to give immediate relief and the second is to provide comfort on an ongoing basis since the attacks are recurrent. It is best to start taking the treatment as soon as there is an outbreak. Antiviral medicines are best for this purpose. Medicines like ibuprofen and Tylenol can reduce pain and control the fever resulting from herpes. Warm sitz baths can provide temporary relief from the burning and the itching. These also help in the healing of the sores.

Herpes is best prevented. Since it is a sexually transmitted disease, it is best that you avoid making sexual contact with people who may be infected.