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Just how presentable hands contribute to the pleasantness of a woman? Maintaining presentable clean hands is critical for people, not only women of course. However, there is more to women’s fashion style that affects greatly their appearance, manicure.

Painting the nails or what is commonly known as manicure, is not a new practice in the society. Ancient people who belong to the high class society love to paint their nails. What is more interesting in manicure is that you can actually request a manicurist in creating and designing your nails according to your preferences.  

There are various manicures design and the most famous of all nail painting is the French manicure. All you need to have is white and clear polish and Walla! You can paint just the tips of your nails hassle-free. You do not have to be a pro in making French manicure as this requires very simple nail cleaning and painting. Moreover, the best thing in French manicure is that this gives your nails the feminine clean looks adding up to your simple personality.  

Nail painting may be a hobby for some, especially for those who have enough time to do the nail polishing themselves. All you have to purchase is a manicure sets. The set includes tweezers, the finger nails scissors (if you prefer not to use nail cutter), cuticle instruments and scissors. Usually, manicure sets can be purchased in leading department stores and beauty product stores. Some of the sets are priced $75.00 to $160 depending on how extravagant the set is.  

A manicure set can be purchased with a manicure table.  The table should not be that tall or higher than eight inches, while five inches is the best one. Basically, doing your own manicures require you to be comfortable while you are painting your nails. Steady manicure tables are very important choices. If you are scouting for the best manicure table set, you may want to consider how flexible the table is. Can you move the table to and fro? Will you be buying a manicure set with drawers for your manicure sets? Manicure tables are usually priced at $450 to $850 and are available in home appliances stores.  

Painting your nails personally can be a good hobby. Aside from the cost of $40 manicure, you may want to save that amount and purchase your own manicure sets. There are also books that provide step by step instruction on how to paint your nails excellently. All you have to have is the motivation and the artistic skill for you to do the manicure yourself.