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Freckle Removal

Freckles are the small and flat brown circular spots that usually appear on the parts pf the body, the face, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and back that have been overexposed to the sun.  They likely appear on persons having fair complexion.

Freckles are inherited and become even more evident with constant sun exposure. Ultraviolet rays coming from the sun cause the increased production of skin pigments, called the melanin, and this manifests as the brown or dark spots on the skin.  That is why freckles fade during winter when the skin is not that exposed to the UV rays and when new skin cells replace old ones.

Freckles may vary in color, ranging from light tan to yellow or light to dark brown. Those that appear light are called ephelides and this type can be managed by using an effective sun-screen protection.  Freckles that look darker are called lentigines and may appear like a blotchy, wrinkling pigment.  

A lot of persons with freckles seek treatment for cosmetic reasons only, because it does not necessarily require a medical treatment.  Potential methods for freckle removal include natural methods, topical retinoids, liquid nitrogen, and laser or pulsed light therapy.

For those who want the natural method, it simply requires washing the area with sour milk.  Masks from cucumber, strawberry, apricot or sour cream are helpful in lightening the freckles.  To keep the spots invisible, lemon or parsley juice may also be applied.

Topical ointments, like tretinoin, may also be used for freckle removal. Fading creams which contains hydroquinone when used consistently lighten freckle spots.

Cryosurgery involves using liquid nitrogen to lighten and remove freckles. Although this is more effective and obtains quicker results, it can likewise cause skin damaging in the surroundings of the area being treated.  

The use of lasers or the pulsed light therapy is among the latest and the most effective treatment for freckle removal.  Light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the melanin and destroys the darker skin cells without damaging the healthy cells.  Lasers can locate and remove even the tiniest spot without harming the surrounding skin area. Treatment lasts only a few minutes.  After which, the spots may become darker and the surrounding becomes red. But this will disappear as soon as the skin starts to peel.  

All of these freckle removal methods are quite successful in one way or the other but care is what is needed to completely shun freckles.  Stay away from too much sun exposure and always have a sunscreen handy.