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Facials for Skin Conditions


The face is the first thing people notice.  Keeping your skin flawless will keep you looking young and looking good.  Facials are necessary if you want o keep your complexion radiant and your skin healthy.  It is advisable to have facials for skin conditions such as breakouts, congestion and many more.

When having facials, it is important that you schedule a week before a big event you’re to attend, and that you inform your skin care technician about your skin condition. It is important the he modifies the standard facial to meet your needs.  You may also ask your technician for skin treatments you can do to supplement the healing effects of the facial.  You may schedule for a series of spa or salon facials for skin conditions like:

  • Rosacea  With this condition, your skin must be handled very gently.  Avoid over-stimulation of the skin, microdermabrations and electrical brushes.  You must aim for a calm, cool and soothing facial that will reduce the irritation and inflammation.  Cold stone treatments, cooling masks and very light peel are recommended.
  • Congestion and breakouts  You facial goal is the removal of dead cells in order to show off the new skin cells.  A deep cleansing facial matched with exfoliation would be excellent for this condition.  Clay mask or salicylic acid will work best for the exfoliation process.  Afterwards, a steam treatment is encouraged.  This rushes the blood to the skin and helps hasten healing.  You may also ask your skin care technician to clear up the congestion by extracting whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples through microdermabrasion.
  • Dehydration  Your goal must be to moisturize your skin.  You can have facials with moisturizing products, steaming, and light peeling through microdermabrasion.  Paraffin masks are a great way to infuse moisture into your skin.  Your facial must be polished with moisturizers and humectants.  
  • SunDamage  Your facial goal is to ease sun damage and improve cell turnover rate.  Exfoliate with microdermabrasion and chemicals such as glycolic acid, or a combination of BHAs and AHAs.  Steam, moisturizing creams and humectants are also encouraged.
  • Sensitized Skin  Your facial goal is to soothe and relax your skin.  Gentle treatments such as cooling masks, clay masks, tea compresses, lymphatic massage and shoulder massage are effective for sensitized skin.  You may also ask for an extraction.
  • Pigmentation  This skin condition requires facials that will lighten your pigmentation.  Be sure to have a facial that will also suit your skin type.  You can have one or two peels employing microdermabrasion, AHAs and BHAs, and glycolic acid to improve the cell turnover rate.  Bleaching hebals like licorice and red raspberry are effective.  You may also use a mild hydroquinone cream.  
  • Premature aging  You will need facial treatments that will reduce the appearance of aging.  The technician may stimulate your skin with vitamin C and other healthy ingredients.   Stimulation will improve the cell turnover rate.  Peel with lactic acid or glycolic acid and request for a face massage to increase blood circulation to make your skin look younger and radiant.