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Facial Peels

All women want their skin to look its best and for many people the option of using a chemical peel is the perfect way to keep their skin looking youthful and smooth. It is a way of looking younger and healthier without the need to turn to cosmetic surgery. There are many different types of facial peels that you can choose from. These can range from ones that you can do at home which usually come in gel form and you use very much like a face pack, you leave the facial peel to dry and then peel it off. This will remove a layer of dead skin and leave it looking fresh and new. Another form of facial peel that you can use at home is a chemical peel. These at home versions of a salon product have lower levels of the chemicals used in salons but you can still achieve good results from them.

Chemical peels work by removing a layer of skin with a chemical preparation. There are three different types of chemical peel available to the consumer. These are: superficial, medium and deep. And all three produce different results. Superficial peels are the easiest to apply and the time needed after the chemical peel for the skin to heal is minimal. However this type of chemical peel will not produce long lasting results. The next level is the medium chemical peel, this is ideal for anyone looking to reduce blemishes, fine lines and some facial scarring. The results from a medium chemical peel are longer lasting than the superficial chemical peels. The highest strength of chemical peel is the deep chemical peel. This is the most dramatic chemical peel and the results will last the longest. This is the best choice for anyone who has severe facial wrinkles and wants to look and feel youthful again.

The chemical peel process is quite straightforward. The chemical will be applied to the skin and left for the appropriate amount of time before it is removed using a cooling chemical. After the chemical peel your skin will look sore and may even be a little bit sore. This is totally normal after a chemical peel and you may find that it takes a couple of weeks before your skin returns to normal. If you have had the deep chemical peel, it may take slightly longer as your skin will be more tender than normal. You will also be advised to wear sun block to protect your new skin as it will be quite sensitive to begin with and over exposure to the sun may make it blotchy and red. Once your skin has recovered however you will notice how your lines have disappeared and you will look years younger – all thanks to your chemical peel.