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Facial Massage

Facial massage can get you the benefits that your face deserves. Younger and tighter looking skin is possible even without the expensive procedures that you have experienced.

Younger looking skin often radiates with health and is often characterized by a firm and smooth surface. The relationship that massage has with younger looking skin has long been overlooked. Facial massage can help give you the younger looking skin that people can sometimes only get with expensive facial treatments. Not only can you get radiant skin from a face massage, but you can also do this in the comfort of your own home.

While some people go to certain skin care specialists and spas for their facial massage treatments, you can go and do this treatment by yourself at home. All you need are a few basic items and a light touch to give yourself a relaxing and skin rejuvenating face massage.

Among the items you will need are essential oil mixtures that you can create at home from a few ingredients you can buy from a health food store. For a unique face massage using organic oils that can also promote peace of mind, you should mix together the following ingredients: virgin coconut oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn or carrot seed oil, rose oil and natural vitamin E drops. If you find that these items are too hard to locate, you can use your store-bought facial cream or even your facial scrub for this.

When massaging your face, you should be careful with the pressure you apply since excessive pressure on your face could result in bruising and swelling. Also remember that you should apply your facial massage in an upward motion. This helps to counteract the effects gravity has on your face.

You start your facial massage on your forehead. From the middle of the forehead, move outwards in small, slow circles till you reach the temples. Do this procedure five times. Next, you move on to your nose. With slow pressure, massage your nose from the bridge downwards. Do this procedure four times. Your next targets will be your eyes, your mouth, your chin, your cheeks, your neck then your ears. Constantly keep in mind the upward motion and the amount of pressure you apply on these parts, particularly around the eye area, which is the most sensitive.

A facial massage once a week can help you get that firm and youthful skin a lot of people can only dream about. With this home technique, not only do you have the secret to youthful looking skin in your hands, but you also have a way of using that secret without having to spend too much.