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Eye Circles or Eye Bags

Eye circles are spots, which surround the eyes; these are usually dark in color and are sometimes referred to as eye bags. When you have dark spots around your eyes, you may end up appearing tired and worn out. It will seem like you are in your forties, even if you are just in your twenties. You may have a reason to worry about your under eye circles since, when you have these, you might appear as if you have risen from the dead.

Your dark eye circles are caused by the prominence of your veins under your eyes. Since the skin under your eyes is fine and does not have enough glands for oil, compared to other skin parts, it will keep on getting drier as you get older. Because of this, the veins under your eyes become obvious.

Eye Circle Causes

There are a lot of causes why you may have eye circles, and these are the following:

  • Insufficient sleep – when you are stressed and you do not have enough sleep, this will make your skin pallid. In turn, the veins under your eyes become more evident.
  • Inherited trait – under eye circles can be taken from the inherent trait of a parent. If you are also prone to allergies, you are also likely to have circles under your eyes.
  • Structure of the bone – if ever the structure of your bone is deep, shadows will form under your eyes. If you have a fair skin complexion, the more these shadows show.
  • Medicine – if you are taking in medicines, which cause dilation to the veins, dark circles will appear below your eyes.
  • Too much exposure to the sun – if you are always exposed to the heat of the sun, the pigmentation of your skin is drawn out.
  • Hormones – there are hormones, which changes the color of the skin, this usually happens during menstruation or pregnancy.
  • Improper nutrition – if you are not eating right and you smoke, dark circles will appear under your eyes.

Eye Circle Treatment:

If ever you have dark eye circles, you can solve these with the following remedies:

  • You should drink at least ten glasses of water each day.
  • Make sure that you are well rested and that you have enough sleep.
  • You should have a balanced and proper diet of vitamin enriched fruits and vegetables.
  • Use cosmetics or makeup, like eye cream or eye concealer.
  • You can create your own remedy like putting a raw slice of cucumber over your eyelids.