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Excess Skin after Weight Loss

In many cases, extreme and drastic weight loss causes excess skin to hang down in pouches that can be embarrassing and bothersome. This excess skin will not be affected by dieting and exercise and toning will have minimal effect. The only method to get rid of this skin completely is through plastic surgery.

Excess Skin Removal

The surgery (Abdominoplasty) involves the excising of the extra skin and can be very expensive. The downside of this procedure is that it leaves you with extensive pear shaped scarring. You will then have to go through follow up surgery to get rid of the scars. Before you go in for any surgery, it would be wise to consult at least two surgeons to find out how many sessions you would require as excess skin removal as well as scar treatment could require multiple sessions.

Liposuction removes any unnecessary fat from the waist, hips buttocks etc.  If you have had a liposuction procedure you will almost definitely require Abdominoplasty. This surgery is also beneficial to slightly older women who have loose skin around their abdomen due to pregnancy. There are two types of Abdominoplasty based on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. Mini-Abdominoplasty is recommended in cases where an individual has a relative small amount of excess skin. This procedure takes less time and the patient also has a lower risk of infection. The recovery period too is less and scarring is minimal. Circumferential Abdominoplasty is needed in cases where people have a lot of excess skin. These flaps of skin are removed and the open incision is sutured together. This procedure generally leaves a large and unattractive scar from the back right to the abdomen of the individual.

Before your surgery you will need to undergo various health checkups before you are deemed for the operation. After your surgery, you will be required to walk about to minimize swelling and stop clotting that frequently occurs in the legs. It may take over a week for you to recuperate and you will have to make sure that you remain in as sterile an environment as possible to minimize your chances of contracting any infection. If your immune system is weak, your doctor may recommend that you stay at least a few days at a convalescence home to prevent infection. A similar surgery may be required if you have pouches of excess skin on your arms, legs and thighs.