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Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing cleans the skin without having to jump into a bath all the time. Rejuvenate your skin with a dry skin brush every now and then.

We often associate the removal of dirt and dead skin cells with taking a bath or a shower and scrubbing down with a bar of soap or a sponge. While this can generally clean a person up, there is a procedure that works to remove dirt almost as well as or even better than bathing. A regimen called dry skin brushing, will not only remove the dead skin cells that cling to the outer part of your skin, but also promotes wellness.

When you dry skin brush your skin, you are essentially sloughing off the dead skin cells that clogs your skin's pores and you are helping your skin breathe again. This process of dry skin brushing not only clears out your pores of the dirt that clogs them but also aids in the detoxification process. Since your pores are now free of clogs, the bodily process of sweating out toxins and other waste materials that are often discharged through the skin is now easier and more efficiently achieved.

Aside from the body cleansing properties that dry skin brushing promotes, another benefit you can get from this process is the stimulation of body lymph nodes. The person who does a dry skin brush regimen at least once a day helps to start the lymphatic system's purification process by getting the toxic mucoid matter to get drained into the colon by his lymph canals. This purification process helps in draining the body further of the toxins that poisons a person's system and makes them feel constantly tired and sluggish.

Another benefit that dry skin brushing gives a person is the improved blood circulation the person gets to the skin. With dry skin brushing, the brushing action on the skin gets the blood to rush to the brushed part thereby giving the person skin that glows with health due to the increase in nutrient-carrying-blood to the skin.

While there are numerous brushes that can be used for such regimens, using a natural bristle brush is said to work best for the skin. Although a loofah has also been used for this purpose. A dry natural bristle brush on a long wooden handle is the best possible item you should use for this purpose.   

The proper dry skin brushing technique that can get you the best possible benefits involves brushing your body with the dry brush totally naked and with brushing directions going generally towards the colon. Start with your feet and move upwards. For your arms, use a brushing motion from the hands to the shoulders and from your chest towards your stomach area. Do not dry brush your face. In this manner, you will soon see some results in your discharge and you will feel the positive effects on your detoxified body.