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Dry and Sensitive Skin

Dry sensitive skin requires a lot more attention as compared to other skin types. With some care and gentle treatment however your skin can be healthy and supple.

An effective skin care regimen for anyone with dry and sensitive skin would be:

•    It is extremely important that you keep your skin clean, to avoid any unpleasant skin conditions and to improve the overall health of your skin. You can use a cleansing cream every morning, preferably one that is un-perfumed or just lightly fragranced. Work the cream into your neck and face and then remove it using tissues. If you have any trace of makeup, repeat this procedure at least twice. You can also wipe your face with swabs of cotton or a soft towel, soaked in either tepid water or rose water. Avoid usage of a toner or freshener as they may cause a drying out of the outer layer of skin much faster than expected.

•    While face scrubs and face masques can help improve the quality of your skin, avoid using any such products as many that are available in the market contain harsh ingredients that may aggravate your skin. Instead you can use home made face masques and scrubs that are completely natural, inexpensive and safe.

•    Conditioning creams and moisturizers will also help soften your skin and add life to it, but make it a point to use natural skin care products. Apply these creams regularly, working them into the skin and allowing them to soak in and be absorbed for at least ten minutes. Your skin will only absorb a limited amount of the oils, so wipe off the surplus with a tissue.

There are also some additional tips that you should keep in mind:

•    When purchasing skin care products make it a point to choose those that are specifically meant for sensitive skin as most of the other available products could be too harsh.
•    Opt for gentle and mild cleansers rather than acidic solutions.
•    Protect your skin from further damage from the sun’s UV rays by applying sunscreen lotions having an SPF of at least fifteen.

In addition to all these guidelines it is also important that you follow a healthy and well balanced diet as this will have a big impact on the quality and health of your skin. Increase your intake of the greens, while cutting down on meats. Junk foods are obviously harmful and should be avoided. You can also have a handful of mixed dry fruit nuts every morning as they contain every nutrient needed for your skin.