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Anti Aging Skin Care

Topical actives and anti aging skin care

There are literally hundreds if not thousands topical skin rejuvenation treatments in the market, from wrinkle creams to eye serums to lifting gels. If all of them worked as advertised, everyone with a bit of extra cash could have the skin of a fifteen year old. In reality, very few topical agents are clinically proven to improve wrinkles and other signs of aging skin. Others are supported by some positive evidence; however they are not confident enough to say that they work. Many others are not backed by reliable science at all and could even be harmful. As you are probably aware, cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA. For this reason, it is largely up to the manufacturer's conscience not only to ensure effectiveness but safety as well. On the other hand, it is up to the consumer to buy wisely.

Wrinkle fillers and anti aging skin care

This section deals with dermal and soft-tissue fillers for cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Often called wrinkle fillers, they are less accurate but more concise. Wrinkle fillers are primarily used to correct localized facial defects, such as lines, furrows, folds, pitted scars, skin depressions due to fat loss, so on and so forth.

Most of them are administered via injection, while a few may require a small incision. In a few cases, wrinkle fillers seem to be the only minimally invasive way to correct certain types of defects, such as deep folds and furrows, depressed scars or the areas of subcutaneous fat loss. But, small defects, such as fine lines or mild-to-moderate wrinkles should be treated by topical agents before considering treatments like fillers or lasers. For motion wrinkles – these are lines caused by facial movements – the optimal tactics in many cases is to first try Botox. As a matter of fact, even if Botox fails, it may still be a good adjunct to a filler, simply because injecting a filler does not eliminate the cause of a motion wrinkle.

Noninvasive methods for anti aging skin care

Noninvasive and minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedures represent an intermediate range of choices with modest amounts of risk and usually noticeable albeit rarely dramatic enhancement. These techniques are worth considering if basic skin care and topically active agents are not sufficient, yet the signs of aging you wish to correct are still mild-to-moderate. Problems such as deep wrinkles or pronounced facial sag normally require more invasive methods, such as wrinkle fillers or surgery.

Invasive rejuvenation methods for anti aging skin care

Invasive cosmetic methods are usually considered for moderate-to-severe signs of aging. This is especially when a marked change is desired. In fact, certain problems, such as substantial facial sag or severe wrinkling are unlikely to be significantly reduced by noninvasive means. Then again, invasive procedures tend to have longer recovery time, more short- and long-term side effects and higher costs.