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Skin Rash From Waxing: Skin Rash Conditions

I got skin Rashes due to hair removing methods. I did waxing and used veet cream. But there was reaction and I don’t know what was formed but there were rashes in the hair roots. Please advise a cure

Very often when we try to remove hair at home, this results in an ingrown hair. What happens is that when you are removing the hair, some stands of hair are broken off in the middle. That is, it is not removed completely. As a result part of the hair continued to row beneath the surface of the skin.  A hair that has been cut off too short tends to grow into the side of that particular follicle. This seems like a relatively small problem, but this can cause an enormous amount of pain and confusion.  When this happens in the area where the hair has been broken off half way is that you develop a rash. This rash causes you discomfort and the ingrown hair is often painful.    


Treating Skin Rash Conditions – Severe Skin Rash Treatment

You will find that a hot compress will relieve you to a great extent. Simply heat a bowl of water. Dip a soft towel in this and wring out the excess water. Apply this on the area where you are experiencing pain. Leave it on for some time. Heat the water when it goes cold, keeping it as hot as you can bear it. This helps the ingrown hair to grow properly and also reduces the effects of this problem. You can do this at least three times a day and you will find that the inflammation goes down. An ingrown hair actually occurs when the hair is cut close to the surface. Doing this cuts it off half way down its length and leaves a small piece of it still under the skin. If you notice that the inflammation of your hands does not subside in a few days, then you should consult your doctor. In some cases the ingrown hair can become infected and cause pain. This should be checked at the earliest and therefore a visit to the doctor is advisable.