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Treating Fibromyalgia with fibromyalgia remedies

Fibromyalgia causes colon and bladder spasms, muscle knots, headaches, hairloss, premature graying of hair and it is very painful too. Do you have any suggestions for people suffering Fibromyalgia?

In order to take care of fibromyalgia, you should first understand what is causing it. This will help you to more easily follow the proper treatment for the problem and will also ensure that you follow it zealously. Fibromyalgia is caused mainly due to exhaustion, overwork and physical excessiveness. Therefore, the most important thing for a person suffering from fibromyalgia is to make sure that you get your rest. It is imperative that you get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep every day. This itself will go a long way towards providing a large part of your recovery. But rest in this case does not indicate taking a simple vacation. It is essential that you rest your body as well as mind. You should not take on stress and you should also try and go light in your eating habits to give your entire digestive system a rest. Mild exercise such as Yoga and short walks can also provide great help in your condition.

It is also important that follow a proper methodical medical treatment to get rid of the problem as well. There are some simple methods you can adopt at home for relief, but you need to remember that they will only provide relief, and not a cure for the problem. It is believed that eliminating milk and meat from your diet will go a long way towards easing the symptoms of fibromyalgia. All milk products such as cheese, yogurt and sweets should also be kept out of your diet. As an alternative to milk, you can try soy milk. You should also avoid oily and spicy food to allow your digestive system the proper rest it needs to recuperate from the problem.

Ginger is a spice that is highly useful in taking care of fibromyalgia. Try to use it in your cooking as much as possible. Ginseng, also from the same family of rhizomes, is also very useful in the cure of fibromyalgia. Include both of these as well as garlic in your cooking. Garlic is a generally healthy thing to add to your diet to boost your immunity and well being. Calendula is another herb that helps in controlling the symptoms you have described. It is easily available in pill form and can be taken as prescribed. It can be found in stores that sell homeopathic medication. Indian ginseng, an ancient Indian herb, is also found to be particularly useful in treating fibromyalgia.