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How to get rid of Eye Wrinkles? Eye Wrinkles Home Remedies

I got several wrinkles under the eyes. Eyes look saggy due to wrinkles. Even my jaws have started to sag with wrinkles. Can you let me know what can I do for it?

Usually the skin around the eyes is the first place in the body where you are likely to notice wrinkles. Even young people often have wrinkles around their eyes. This can usually be attributed to the long hours spent in the sun. However, it is an accepted fact that wrinkles generally denote advancing age. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and develops wrinkles. What you need to do, to prevent wrinkles, is to ensure that your skin is well taken care of. You can use coconut oil to massage the skin and make it feel rejuvenated. Massage this oil into your skin at bedtime. Do this regularly in order to see the wrinkles reduce. Make a mixture of one tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of olive oil and the cream of milk. Apply this to the areas where you have noticed the formation of wrinkles.

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Lemon juice is another easy remedy to fight the wrinkles on your face. Apply lemon juice at night and go to bed. The lemon juice works overnight and helps fight your wrinkles. Chop a green pineapple and extract the juice. Add to this the juice extracted form one apple. Mix the two and apply on your face. This is very effective in fighting wrinkles and giving you a smooth face. You can also peel and chop a ripe pineapple and then use the core of the fruit on your face. The application of pineapple core helps reduce the wrinkles.   You can store some tablespoons in your freezer. Apply the backs of these spoons on the wrinkles around your eyes.  You can peel a cucumber and then run it through your food processor. Sieve the juice and use the residue in the sieve on your face. When applied and left on for an hour, this is very effective in treating wrinkles. Your diet should reflect your desire for fewer wrinkles on your face. Eat plenty of eggs and milk. Eat cheese and stick to sea food. The inclusion of fruits and fresh green vegetables in your daily diet will also help you remain healthy. For your sagging jaw you will need to do some exercises that will keep your facial muscles in good working order. In addition to this you will also need to massage your face. You can use some coconut oil and massage this into your skin, working your way up from your chin towards the forehead.