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Treatment for White Spots on the roof of Mouth

I have white spots on the roof of my mouth and am not sure what they are. I don't know how to treat them. They do cause me some pain but they are not anywhere else. If you could give me some information it would be great?

White spots of any kind could be an indicator of a vast variety of problems and ailments. It could be that you have vitilgo and it has manifested itself only in this particular, small area. It could also be that you are suffering from some sort of pigmentation which is giving you this problem. It could also be some sort of a skin allergy that you are suffering from. The best course of action to take in such cases is to first get a medical opinion and determine where the problem lies. This will eliminate the necessity of trial and error considerably. It is always avoidable to make mistakes in cases such as these and start administering yourself some sort of medication or remedial measure that may backfire on you instead of helping you with the problem. Also, the roof of the mouth is a delicate area, and one that must not be tampered with unnecessarily. Any aggravation of problems here could only make your case worse, rather than helping you out.

If your patches are painful, you need to first determine that you have not physically hurt yourself in any way. Sometimes, these kinds of patches on the skin can be caused due to serious burns and blisters. If this is the case, you should know that saliva is the best way to take care of these problems. In extreme cases, you can also apply clarified butter, also known as ghee to your patches and see if this helps. Though the butter may not remain on then patches for too long, as swallowing is a natural reflex, it will still show effect.

In maximum cases, white patches are directly related to any problems in or malfunctioning of the liver. This is the commonest cause of this particular kind of discoloration. While it is not recommended to try any kind of remedy before determining the cause of your patches, you can modify your diet minimally to improve the general condition of your liver. Adding radish to your diet is the best way to cleanse out your liver of any irregularities that may have taken root there. You can also have radish juice, which will work better and faster as well. You can also add beetroots and spinach to your diet, as both of these vegetables will help to cleanse out your system and lead to a healthier liver. Garlic is also an excellent additive and remedial measure for these patches.