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Itching of Vagina and Treatment for Vagina Infection

I shaved my vagina yesterday and today it's irritated with little bumps. Can you tell me what can I do?

There are a few simple things you can follow for bumps that have occurred due to shaving. A word of caution, though - if you are facing this kind of a problem, you should try to avoid shaving your vagina. It is wiser to use a trimming razor, the kind that is used to cut hair on the head and beard, rather than using a regular shaving razor. This will also eliminate the necessity of using shaving creams and gels, as well as after shave lotions or gels, all of which can react with sensitive skin. For all you know, it could be that you are having a skin reaction which is manifesting itself this way. Since the area is sensitive, you will be hard pressed to find too many remedies that provide instant relief. And the worst part of the problem is that movements such as walking, which you cannot even avoid or help, will only serve to aggravate the problem to mammoth proportions. For temporary relief from irritation, you can apply a cold ice pack to the area. This will numb the pain out and provide relief fro a while at least.

In order to get relief from the irritation, you can apply camphor lotion to your vagina. Be careful that you do not get it inside, as it will burn. Use a cotton ball to apply only on the part that has the bumps which are causing the irritation. You can make camphor lotion yourself by crushing a few crystals of camphor and adding them to a liter of water. This diluted version will help to avoid further itching and burning as well. In order to get better results, you can use cucumber juice instead of water. This will be more effective in healing properly and will also provide cooling relief to your itchiness. Another effective remedy is to apply fresh, unflavored, unsweetened yogurt to the entire affected area. This will help to reduce the irritation. If you add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to this solution, it will also help to sanitize the area and will prevent any type of infection. Do keep in mind that infections can occur and multiply very easily in an area that remains damp, dark and warm all the time. Try to wash out the area frequently with cold water. This will help to remove any infection you may be suffering from by stemming it in.