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How to treat toenail fungus and fungal nail infection?

I used vinegar to treat my toes. It caused redness in the middle of the toes. I cant wear sandals too. How can I get rid of this redness?

You have not mentioned why you used vinegar on your toes. I can only guess that you were suffering from an infection that has affected your toes. Very often our toes suffer form a fungal infection caused due to a variety of reasons. If your feet are damp when you wear your shoes, then this can cause an infection to affect the toenails. Sometimes bad hygiene can also cause an infection of the toes. If you do not use clean socks everyday and do not occasionally clean your shoes, then you are very likely to get an infection of your toe nails. Vinegar is the best thing possible for an infection of the toe nails. However I think you have made some mistake in using this home remedy to cure an infection of your toes. For one thing, you don’t’ really need to soak cotton in vinegar and apply it. What you really need to do is to pour some vinegar in a large bowl. You should soak your toes in this for at least twenty minutes. After that you can pat your feet dry. Remember to do this at least five days in a row for this treatment to be effective. Leaving out even one session of this treatment can result in a set back. That is why, it is imperative that you do this every single day, for at least five days.

The redness in your middle toes could be caused by the reaction of your skin to the vinegar that you have applied overnight.  Discontinue this at once. Instead ensure that your feet are kept clean and dry. Try to avoid wearing shoes and socks for long periods of time. Remove the shoes and socks as soon as you are home. Wash your feet in lukewarm water as soon as you get home. Pat them dry, especially between your toes. If you feel that the infection is not improving, you can use a hair drier to dry your feet. This is especially useful to dry the area under your nails, where the infection usually starts. Dry your feet completely using the hair drier.  Allow your feet to breath by wearing open shoes. You can also soak your feet in a bowl of warm water. Adding a large pinch of salt to this water will certainly work wonders and will help you get rid of your infection. You should avoid wearing shoes that are too tight. Your shoes should be very comfortable and you should have enough space for your toes to move about without feeling cramped.