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Treating Tanning Scars and Tanning Cure

I got tanning on the body. Can you please let me know how to remove tanning?

There are a few simple remedies you can adopt to remove skin that has darkened due to tanning. The easiest one is to apply buttermilk to it. You can make your own buttermilk by diluting one tablespoon of yogurt in a liter of water. This should be whipped so that the mixture becomes an even liquid. This liquid can be applied to tanned skin to remove the discoloration effectively and quickly. Instead of washing it off when it dries up, you can simply keep re-applying more and more liquid to your body till you notice a change in your color. There is no limitation to the number of times you can use this remedy since it is a natural one with no negative side effects at all. Another remedy you can employ is to apply aloe vera gel to your tanned skin. This will also help to lighten it considerably, and also very quickly. If you can, try to get a plant and squeeze out fresh aloe vera gel from the leaves. This is usually the best way to use this particular remedy. But if you use store bought aloe vera gel, then this is not a bad solution either. Just keep in mind that if you use aloe vera gel and go out in the sun, your skin will darken further. Aloe vera gel has a tendency to be photosynthetic, which is to say that it will darken already tanned skin if applied and exposed to the sun. You will need to be careful about that. Also, you must keep in mind that by no means is aloe vera gel a sun block. It will not help you to avoid getting a tan, so do not try to use it for those means.

Another very effective, but slightly expensive remedy to take care of tans is to apply a paste made with milk cream and saffron. You can soak a few strands of saffron in milk cream and let this steep overnight. In the morning, rub the strands of saffron till they leave all color and then apply this to your darkened areas. This will help to lighten them very effectively and will also add a glow to your skin. If you add a few drops of lime juice to this mixture, it will also help to sanitize your skin. Lime juice is also mild bleach which will lighten your skin as well.