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How to Treat Itch and Itch Infection

I got itching sensation on skin due to bug bites. How can I stop the itch from bug bites?

The secret to stopping any kind of itching lies in cooling down the area where the itching is the most. This is usually the most effective way to help deal with the irritation as well as any discomfort and pain. Once the surface of your skin has cooled down sufficiently, the itching will recede and the effect of the bites will fade away slowly. In any case, bites have their own life span. While some last for a short duration, others can take longer to heal. In either case, scratching the area with the bites will only serve to aggravate them further and cause you more distress. So the first thing to do is to avoid scratching the bug bites you have acquired. This is almost half the battle won.

In order to cool down your skin where you have been bitten, the most effective way is to apply ice cubes made of tea. This is a very simple thing to do. Steep some tea and freeze it in an ice tray. These cubes, when rubbed over your skin, will help to ease the discomfort from the bites. They will also assist in bringing down the temperature of your skin. It is preferable to use ice cubes made of green tea, since this has healing properties. But regular tea will also work effectively enough. The other thing you can use is plain, unflavored, unsweetened yogurt. When rubbed over any kind of bites, it will ease the itching considerably. You can also leave it on for any length of time, since yogurt will not harm your skin in any way. Calendula lotion is also very effective in dealing with any kind of insect bites. It will soothe the area where you have been bitten and will also go a long way towards healing your skin. Calamine lotion is also a highly effective way of providing immense relief from the itching sensation. But you need to keep in mind that calamine lotion is very cooling in nature. Do not keep it on your skin for too long, as it may lead to chills. If you can get some Fuller’s Earth, this is also a very good way to take care of your insect bites. The earth can be diluted in water and applied to the affected area. It will give instant relief and will also help with the healing process. If your bites are not cleared within a week, you should see a doctor for further treatment.