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Treating a Deep Cut due to Shaving

Hi, I got a deep cut while shaving. Can you please let me know what to use and how to treat a deep cut? Also please provide information about how to treat cut skin infection

In order to take care of skin that has been cut by shaving, you can use many natural products. The most prominently used product is alum. Alum is available in crystal form and is very cooling when rubbed on any kind of shaving nick. It also has exceptional healing properties and will help to heal the skin as well. Contrary to popular belief, it is inadvisable to use after shave lotion for this purpose. This is because while the antiseptic properties of after shave lotion will disable any kind of infection from setting in, it comes with its own set of troubles. After shave lotions of the common kind are well known to harden skin when used over a period of years repeatedly. It is also known to darken the color of your skin, because it contains a small degree of alcohol. Constant exposure to alcohol application can darken skin over time. Another cooling solution you can use for nicks caused due to shaving is camphor lotion. You can actually make your own camphor lotion by powdering two tablespoons of camphor and mixing it with half a liter of water. Let it stand for a whole day, and shake it repeatedly. This can then be liberally applied to get relief from the cuts usually caused by shaving.

How to Treat a Deep cut due to Shaving?

You can also use some solutions from the kitchen garden to deal with this problem. Crushed leaves of coriander provide relief when applied to nicks and cuts caused by shaving. Using the fresh herb is always better than using a canned or dried version. Similarly, leaves of the holy basil plant can also provide relief from the burning and itching caused by cuts due to shaving. You can simply crush these leaves with your fingers and rub them into the area that has the cuts. Holy basil also has many healing properties which will help with healing the cuts and scratches as well. If you are particularly bothered by recurrent cuts in the same spot while shaving daily, then you can try to apply a paste made of turmeric powder and clarified butter to the particular spot. Both these products have healing properties that will go a long way towards healing the surface your skin. For relief from the itching and burning that typically accompanies this particular kind of nicks, you can also apply a slightly runny paste made of sandalwood and rose water.