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Vitiligo Skin Disease, Vitiligo Skin Disorder, Treating Vitiligo and Treatments for Vitiligo

I have seen few ads for Vitiligo Tabs that promises to cure the disease in four months. They issue some kind of warranty. How legitimate and effective are these tablets or is it "snake oil"?

Vitiligo is a skin disorder. Vitiligo skin disease starts as small patches of white color and soon the patches grow bigger. Eventually, large portions of your skin loses its original color and looks white instead. Vitiligo occurs when our body slowly loses the pigment known as melanin, responsible for giving our skin its distinctive color. People who are affected by Vitiligo are naturally enough curious about the various treatments available in the market. Although there are some forms of treatments that can be used to treat Vitiligo, these work differently for different individuals. The reaction to the medication depends not only on the patient but also on the area affected. Some patients react well to Corticosteroid creams. However, the same creams do not work in the case of other patients. It is absolutely essential that your doctor be consulted about these treatments. 

Psoralen photochemotherapy is another treatment that you can consider. This treatment uses a drug called Psoralen. Psoralen is available in the form of a tablet or as a lotion. This could be the tablet that you heard about. But you should know that this tablet works in combination with exposing the skin to Ultra Violet rays. When you consume this tablet, the skin becomes sensitive to UVA for a short period of time. This treatment stretches over a year or more and is usually used in the case of people who suffer from Vitiligo on a limited section of their skin. However, you should consult your doctor rather than be swayed by advertisements. Your doctor will be able to give you details of various treatments along with all their advantages, disadvantages and limitations too.  It would be foolish to embark on any treatment without first seeking the opinion of your doctor. You should also look at the effects of taking such medication or embarking on such a treatment without first ascertaining the exact nature of their side effects.