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The Cause of Warts, Home Remedies to Cure Warts to Remove Warts

I am a man of 36 years age - there are so many warts all over my face especially on my neck under the chin, what should I do?

Warts are protrusions that appear on various parts of our body. Warts are actually tumors, but they are benign. The cause of warts is a virus named Papilloma. Most of us develop warts on various parts of our bodies at some time or the other. However before you think of using some home remedies to treat your warts, you should ensure that these growths are indeed warts. Are the protrusions you see on your face pale growth? And do they have a rough surface? If you notice that your wart is bleeding or is painful you should immediately consult your doctor.

Once you have confirmed that the growths on your face are, indeed, warts, then you can try various home remedies to cure warts. In most cases, Apple Cider vinegar has been reported as being very successful home remedy to remove warts and in treating warts of all sizes. For warts on hands or feet, taping a piece of cotton that has been dipped into apple cider vinegar is recommended. However, since your warts are all on your face this is not possible. You can simply try applying apple cider vinegar at lest thrice a day and see if it succeeds in reducing the warts. You can also use a piece of pineapple on your warts. Simply use a piece of pineapple to rub on your warts. Do this regularly and your warts will disappear. Similarly banana peel is believed to be very effective in curing the warts. You can cut out a piece from a ripe banana peel and apply this on the warts. You may have to find some of keeping it in place. Do this every day for at least two weeks and you will notice that your warts reduce and disappear.

You can also grind a tablespoon of flaxseed and add a teaspoon of flaxseed oil to this. Add a teaspoon of honey to this and apply this on your warts. You will have to apply this for at least two weeks before you can see a difference. Another really easy remedy is the application of the white juice from a dandelion stem. Break the stem and apply this on the warts. Do this regularly for a painless removal of warts. You should ensure that the area where you have warts is not allowed to remain amp since this promotes the growth of warts. You can crumble a couple of tablets of camphor into a tablespoon of oil and apply this to cure the warts. You can use some castor oil to massage the area at bedtime. This helps to soften the skin.