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Tanning Skin Care and Treatment for Sun Burns

I have been to beach last weekend and have got myself tanned on nose, cheeks and lower hands. Do you have any home remedies for tanned skin?

You seem to have got a case of sunburn.  Your day in the sun has resulted in your exposing your body to the sun. As a result you have a burn caused by ultra violet radiation. Sunburn can cause your skin to look slightly blistered because of the inflammation due to the excessive exposure to the sun. You should remember, for the future, to always be prepared to prevent sunburn. Preventing sunburn is far easier than curing it. You should also remember that in the long term regular exposure to the ultra violet rays can be harmful to your skin and should be avoided. You can either use an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat. You can also use some effective sun block creams to ensure that your skin does not suffer from sunburn. If your sunburn is really bad you may also notice other symptoms like chills accompanied by a light fever and other symptoms of the flu and a feeling of nausea.

You can make a mixture of one teaspoon of barely powder, turmeric powder and yogurt. This can be applied to your nose, cheeks and lower hands and left on for some time before it is washed off. An easy remedy involves using cold milk. Simply dip a piece of gauze into some milk and apply on the affected area. You can also use tea to reduce the sunburn. Soak a teabag in some hot water and then, when it has cooled down, apply it to the affected area. Both cucumber and raw potatoes are effective in curing sunburn. You can peel the cucumber and the raw potato and chop slices. These slices, when placed on the affected area, can reduce the tanning.

A paste made of Sandalwood is also effective in treating tanned skin. You can either use powder, which is easily available and mix this with water, or use a piece of sandalwood and rub it on a smooth stone to make a paste. Make a paste using one tablespoon of flour, a few drops of milk and olive oil, some honey and the white of a raw egg. This paste can be applied on the tanned parts of your skin. You can puree two ripe tomatoes, mix this with the puree of one cucumber and add the juice of half a lemon. This can be applied to your hands and face. Wait for it to dry on your skin and then apply again. When it dries again, apply for the third time and then wash off.