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Sunscreen Tanning Lotion

My skin is very tanned by suntan. The skin gets tanned even once I go outside without jacket or sun coat. What should I do to prevent sun tan and get protection form sun tan?

The first thing you should be aware of is that what you are experiencing is completely normal. Even if you go out once in the sun without a jacket or a sun coat, your skin will tan. This happens to everyone, only in varying degrees. Five minutes of exposure to harsh sunlight can tan your skin significantly. It will show up more if you are light in color yourself. So the first thing to remember is that before you leave the house, always wear sunscreen lotion and go. Even if you are going out for a short duration, you should not go without adequate protection of a sunscreen tanning lotion.

Your sunscreen lotion should have an SPF factor of at least 30, especially if you have delicate or sensitive skin. Also keep in mind that even if the weather is cool, you can still get affected by the sun. So make it a point to cover yourself properly before you go out even in chilly weather.

Apart from using sunscreen lotions for taking care and prevent sun tans, you can adopt some easy remedies at home to get rid of your tan if that is what you would like to do. One of the oldest remedies to do this successfully and well is to scrub sour cream all over the tanned parts of your body. You can simply leave this on till it begins to dry and then have a bath as you normally would. Only two uses will show you the difference. You can also make buttermilk with one part of soured milk to 20 parts of water and apply this all over. In order to sanitize your skin, you can also add a few drops of lime juice to it. Lime is also a bleaching agent, so it will also generally help to lighten the color of your skin as well. You can also use aloe vera gel to lighten the color of your skin. it merely has to be applied and left on the skin till it dries up. Daily use will show results in about two weeks or less. Squeeze the juice from one whole raw potato and rub this into your skin daily before a bath. This helps to lighten your skin. You can make a body pack with a cup of chilled milk to which the juice of a whole lime has been added. Let this stay for some time before you scrub it all over your body. You can wash this off after about an hour.