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Remove Sun Tan with Sun Tanning Solution

My skin is tanned in sun. How can I remove my sun tanning? Skin all over my body has been darkened. Can you please let me know how can I remove my sun tanning?            

There are a number of ways in which you can reduce sun tan. The solutions described below are all natural home remedies to remove tan and are easy to follow and use. The only factor to be kept in mind is that they require a good period of time to take effect and yield noticeable results. The first remedy that you can try is lemon. Cut a lemon in two parts and then apply the juice to your skin. Allow the juice to soak in properly and then keep it on for about fifteen minutes. Once done, wash the juice off with warm water. The next home remedy that you can use requires a combination of; a spoon of milk powder, spoon of lemon juice, a spoon of honey and a spoon of almond oil. Mix them all together and apply the same to your skin. Let the mixture soak into your skin for about half an hour and then wash it off with cool water.

Removing Sun Tan and Ways to Remove Tanning Streaks

The third sun tanning treatment that you can use is tomato juice and oat meal. Take some tomato juice or puree and mix it with a half a cup of oat meal. Avoid making the mixture too thick as it will not spread evenly over your skin. Once the mixture is ready apply it to your skin and let it remain like that for about twenty minutes. Once twenty minutes are up rinse it off thoroughly with cold water. The fourth remedy that you can try (if you do not want to consider the above) involves the use of various fruit juices. Take three spoons of pineapple juice, three spoons of pumpkin juice, three spoons of papaya juice and some honey and mix all these ingredients together. When it forms a paste, apply the mixture to your skin and let it set for about a half hour. Wash it off with warm water afterward.  

If any of these remedies do not work for you or you do not feel the need to try them out then another alternative the use of Hydroquinone. It is a commonly used topical agent for the purpose of reducing skin pigmentation. It is useful because it inhibits the action of tyrosinase and hence blocks a big step in the production of melanin (the color pigment cells that are responsible for the tanning) by the skin. Hydroquinone is also used in conjunction with other skin lightening agents like alpha- hydoxy acids in order to help reduce the effect of the tan.