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Skin Whitening Treatments and Natural Skin Whitening

I have been reading these remedies for lightening your skin. I am a black man aged 28 and my face seems to have several shades darker than the rest of my body. Will these remedies work for me as well or are they only for people with white skin? Please help me out with specific remedies to lighten skin pigmentation

Yes, there is a variety of skin lightening remedies available in the market. Most of us are dissatisfied with the way we look and are constantly seeking remedies to help us look better. Very often some of the products available in the market are of not much help in lightening your skin color. Sometimes these products need to be used over a long term in order for them to be really effective. At other times other reasons like heredity come in the way of effective skin lightening. You should be aware that most skin products can only work effectively when taken and applied for a very a long term. If you are prepared to embrace a long term goal, then you can continue using products the promise to help lighten your skin. However, heredity is an important factor that you cannot ignore. That is why you should be prepared to be disappointed with most fairness creams that are available in the market. On the other hand, if you use skin lightening creams in addition to adopting various home remedies, then you can succeed in lightening your skin and achieving your ambition of having lighter skin.

The regular application of a mixture of one tablespoon of gram flour, a few drops of milk and a pinch of turmeric can work wonders for your skin. You can also use the juice of half a lemon, the juice you get after grating half a cucumber and then squeezing the gratings to form an effective lighting mask. Apply this on your face using a clean cotton swab. You can also use milk cream on your skin. When mixed with a pinch of turmeric it works wonders on the skin and can help you lighten your skin. Both potatoes and cucumbers are known to help lighten the skin. You can either use slices of these vegetables on your face or else you use their juice. You will need to peel and grate a cucumber and then squeeze it to get cucumber juice. This can be applied on the face with a cotton swab. Grated raw potato can be tied in a muslin cloth and then applied on your face. You can also mix one tablespoon of the cucumber juice with the puree form two ripe tomatoes. Add a teaspoon of honey to this and apply this on the face. This should be left on the face for an effective skin lightening. You can wash it off after half an hour.