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Getting rid of Skin Tags with Skin Tag Cures

Skin Tags ruin the charm of skin. What should be done for skin tags prevention and treatment?

A skin tag or an acrochordon is a small tumor that is generally harmless and most commonly occurs in the neck, groin and armpits. They also sometimes manifest on the eyelids or some parts of the face. The skin tag generally has a smooth appearance but it is mostly irregular in shape and can be as big as a small ball or a grain of rice. A skin tag sometimes contains nerve endings and hence cannot be removed without the help of local anesthesia. Normally a small tag can be removed without the help of an anesthetic but for skin tags that are larger in size or the removal of several tags in one particular area an anesthetic is required.  If you experience pain while trying to remove it yourself then you may have get it removed by a dermatologist. Although they may appear menacing they are not malignant and more or less do not cause any complications if left untreated.

There are a number of ways that you can remove skin tags and they can be carried out at home or under professional medical supervision depending on the type of treatment option you choose. Freezing a skin tag using liquid nitrogen, cutting it with scissors or using an electric cautery will have to be done under medical supervision. The advantage of these measures is that the results are instant however there are side effects that range from bleeding (scissors), skin discoloration, and the need for repeat visits to your dermatologist. However once a tag is removed it rarely grows back and a revisit may be needed only in order to remove fresh skin tags. An alternative to visiting your dermatologist is to treat or remove the skin tag yourself. All you have to do is tie a piece of thin string as tight as possible around the base of the skin tag and allow the string to remain like that for a few days. This method works by cutting off the blood supply to the tag and eventually the tag shrivels up and falls off on its own. Just make sure to tie the string tight enough in order for the remedy to be effective. Though there is very little evidence to support the fact that a skin tag can be harmful there are instances wherein the tag can become malignant. Therefore if the tag suddenly undergoes a change in color or size it is advisable to consult your doctor.