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Skin Care Nutrition

There can be no denying the role of a healthy diet in maintaining beauty. For a long time it has been seen that a balanced diet is the key to good health and beautiful skin. The benefits of many vitamins and minerals on the skin and hair have been studied for years. Today, almost all cosmetic products claim to be fortified with various skin nutrients. Though vitamins and minerals in any form are good for the skin, these skin nutrients are best when they’re a part of our diet.

When the body is plagued with disease, the skin gains a sickly pallor, the hair loses its sheen, and your appearance becomes pale. Almost all of the skin conditions are a reflection of the health of the body. Acne, psoriasis, and even the aging of skin are caused by malnutrition of the body. Antioxidants are a great source of skin nutrition and can help the skin mature gracefully. Certain minerals for skin make your skin look years younger than it really is.

Skin care nutrients

  • Vitamins C and E: These are the most important skin nutrients and perhaps the most significant discovery in the field of dermatology. A topical application of either of the vitamins helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. These skin nutrients can help prevent the occurrence of skin cancer.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E helps in keeping the skin younger, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and improving the texture of the skin to make it look more youthful. Vitamin C helps reduce the cancerous damage done by the free radicals. It is the free radicals that consume the elastin of the skin to make it look saggy and wrinkled. A combination of the two is excellent nutrition for the skin.
  • Vitamin A: A dry skin that looks flaky and lackluster can be a sure sign of vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A is an essential skin nutrient that is important for the maintenance of the skin tissue. It also helps to speed up skin’s repair.
    It has been found that vitamin A when applied topically can help the reversal of skin aging. It helps reduce the skin blemishes & can also help for acne treatment. The topical medicines used for the treatment of psoriasis usually contain Vitamin A.
  • All fruits and vegetables are rich in these minerals and vitamins that are vital for skin nutrition. To keep healthy skin, it is a must to watch what you eat.