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Exfoliating the skin and Body Exfoliation

How to exfoliate the skin for better glow and shine on the face?

All of us seek a healthy skin and dream of radiant beauty. However a variety of reasons, like make up, pollution, and sweat cause the skin to look dull and lifeless. That is why it is absolutely essential that you clean your skin properly. Cleansing can be carried out at home using a good quality cleanser. Exfoliating the skin is the next step in cleansing, since this helps remove all the dead cells from the surface. This will help your skin glow with health. Aloe Vera gel is an excellent way to exfoliate your skin. You can apply this gel directly from a leaf of Aloe Vera. Apply this at bedtime and leave it on overnight for best results.  You can also mix it with vitamin E oil. This can be applied on the skin about half an hour before you have your bath. You can also apply this after you have your bath. Take care to ensure that it is applied on your skin before you use any other product.

You can make your own face mask and use this to effectively exfoliate your skin. You can use one tablespoon of honey. You can substitute this with molasses if you want. Add one fourth teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. Half teaspoon of coconut oil should be added to this. Using virgin coconut oil helps since this makes your exfoliation process more effective. Add one teaspoon of turmeric and half a teaspoon of oats. Mix this well together and make a paste. Before applying this splash your face with lukewarm water. Wash well. And then massage this paste into your face. You can leave it on for about half an hour. Use warm water to wash it off. Do this every night and your skin will glow with health.

You can combine two tablespoons of oatmeal with one tablespoon of baking powder. Add water to this, ensuring this is done one drop at a time. Form a smooth paste and apply this on your face in a circular motion.  You can wash this with warm water after half an hour. In addition to these simple remedies, you should also remember to eat healthy. If you are a smoker you should try to cut down and eventually completely stop smoking. Keep your intake of alcohol to a minimum and avoid an irregular lifestyle. Eating your food at regular intervals, ensuring that you sleep sufficient hours every night and that you get physical exercise are some of the easy ways to ensure that your skin always looks good.