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Tips to Choose Skin Care Base and Skin Foundation

In order to select a suitable base for your skin, you would have to address a variety of questions before you begin. Your age is the least of your concerns while choosing a foundation for yourself. Skin type is a far more important question to be addressed. There is a vast variety of skin foundations available in the market. In order to choose the perfect one for you, you should be very specific about what exactly you want. The first question to address is what kind of skin you have. Foundation is available for oily, dry as well as combination skin.

The second and most important question to address is what kind of foundation you are looking for. Is it going to be loose powder foundation or packed powder foundation? Is the foundation you are looking for going to be liquid foundation? Is it going to be a concealer stick? In order to appropriately answer this set of questions, you would have to first check off where you will be spending time with the foundation applied to your face. If you are going to be in a warm and sweaty environment, then powder foundation is appropriate for you. If you are going to be in a cold environment, then you can easily use any kind of foundation.

Concealers are available in all types as well, but the most popular ones are cream based. Generally, a concealer is a spot foundation that can be used to fade away finer lines. Regular foundation can be applied over this for a more compact effect. The other way to pick the foundation you will require is to work with your skin color. If you are a dark skinned person, you must choose a shade lighter than your skin. This will enhance the glowing effect of the foundation, and if your base runs, it will not look bad either. If you are a light skinned person, you must pick a base color that is a shade darker than your skin color. This will add contours and dimension to your face rather than making it appear pallid and uniform. However, it is wiser to buy powder and liquid foundations. You will need the powder foundation in order to touch up your face frequently. Once you have finished applying make up, you can keep dusting or brushing off sweat, or any other imperfections that may occur during the course of the day with the powder foundation of the same shade as your liquid base