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Second Degree Burn Care: Treat Various Types of Burns

I got second degree burn from boiling water. Can you please let me know what can I put on the skin burn to sooth the pain?

There is very little by way of application that you can try to take care of this particular problem. This is because second degree burns are quite serious and they tend to leave behind open skin. And the problem is that you need to keep this skin as dry as possible. This is because if you dampen or keep this skin wet, it will only increase your chances of infection manifold. The other problem is that if you apply any cream or lotion, it will only make your burn worse because the burn needs to air out to heal well and fast. Cream or lotion will only trap the burn and aggravate it more. So, remember not to use any bandages of any type at all. The first thing is that the bandages will not help with the healing process. Instead, they will only allow the burn to fester, which you want to avoid at all costs. The second thing is that a bandage may get stuck on your skin and pull some of it out while removing. This will be particularly painful. And if skin is pulled off, it will also take you back several steps on your road to recovery.

Treating Burns: First Aid Treatment for Burns


The one thing you can successfully employ is to use a cold pack on the burn. This is the only way to provide relief. But you would need to be particularly careful with this. You would need to make sure that no condensation appears on the side of the cold pack that is exposed to your burn. Otherwise, this will lead to dampness and defeat the purpose of providing relief. Another remedy that will help you to heal quickly is sprinkling turmeric powder on the burn. This can later be dusted off as well. But if it remains stuck on your burn too, it will not cause any harm or damage.

In case you do not have any open sores on this burn, you can use any regular, fluoridated toothpaste on it. Just keep in mind that there should be no whitening agent in the toothpaste. Whitening agents tend to retard the healing process considerably. Toothpaste, being menthol based, has a tendency to draw out excessive heat from the burn and thus help it to heal faster. But you would need to be absolutely certain that there are no open sores, even miniature ones, to safeguard against further infection. Keep in mind that you cannot cover any open sores with anything.