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Chicken Pox Scars on Face, How to Remove Chicken Pox Scars, Chicken Pox Scar Removal

How to reduce the scar marks due to chickenpox which are caused by plucking the scars because of itching?

Chicken pox is a very infectious disease that can be spread through direct contact which involves; touching an infected person, or breathing in the germs from infected persons cough or sneeze. The spots that characterize chicken pox generally appear after a period of two weeks. Once these spots rupture they start to heal and leave behind very noticeable scars. To remedy these scars there are a number of solutions that you can use. The first treatment you can use to get rid of the scars is, to apply sandalwood oil as soon as the rash itself appears. To prevent the scar from deepening you could apply vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel. If not these two solutions then tea tree oil or cocoa butter is also very effective. Sometimes even wheat grass is used to reduce the damage that the scarring does. All though these remedies are useful make sure that you are not allergic to them as the side effects can create further problems and even worsen the scarring.  

Water also helps remove the toxins left behind by the chicken pox. Apart from this it also hydrates the skin and helps in the construction of fresh cells. Therefore make sure to drink as much water as possible during the healing period. Vinegar and lemon juice have also been found to be mildly effective in reducing the effect of scarring. Vitamin E creams are also very useful in treating chickenpox scars. This is because the vitamin helps in the formation of elastic and collagen fibers that help improve the connective tissue of the skin. Apart from the treatment solutions mentioned above there are more intensive forms of chicken pox scar removal. Dermabrasion is one such technique. It uses a small diamond wheel with rough edges to literally remove the damaged skin by friction and thus allowing for a fresh new layer to grow. The treatment option is very painful and requires the use of anaesthesia. Chemical peels are another intensive treatment method, but this increases the chances of sun damage. Another treatment option is known as a punch excision or the other option is the subcision method which releases the underlying scar tissue from the skin. When undergoing treatment make sure to wear loose fitting clothing and also avoid going to areas where the temperature is hot and sticky as it will reduce the amount you scratch the chicken pox wounds which is, one of the main reasons for deep scars.