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I am suffering from vaginal itch since some time. Can you please help and suggest remedy to stop vagina itch?

If you are suffering from vaginal itch - an itch in the vagina or the vaginal area, it is possible that you are suffering from some sort of infection. It could also simply be a reaction to some product that you have used, or perhaps due to excessive sweating as a result of wearing the wrong material in the wrong kind of weather. It would have been easier to provide a more certain diagnosis of your problem if you had provided more information. You have not mentioned how long you have been suffering from this itching, how bad it is, and whether it is accompanied by other symptoms such as burning, discharge, or any visual signs such as eruptions on the skin in the vaginal area. It is also not clear whether the itching is only outside, in the vaginal area, or internal, that is, inside the vagina as well. All these factors are important in determining the cause of the problem.
You can try some simple measures to keep the area clean for a few days, but using home remedies such as a vinegar solution or yogurt, or even any over the counter medication is not advisable without knowing exactly what the cause of the itch is. You should also stay away from douching, which is sometimes recommended for vaginal infections, but can in reality do more harm than good.

The best and safest home remedy in such a case is water – you should wash your vaginal area gently using plain water several times a day. Avoid using anything with the water, including soap, because many substances can directly cause irritation or lead to other problems by upsetting the delicate pH balance of the vagina. After washing, make sure that you dry the area thoroughly using a clean towel or plain, unscented white toilet paper. If you have a fungal infection, any moisture will help the infection to grow, and it is therefore particularly important to stay dry.
Wearing light cotton underwear and clothing will also help you stay dry. It is also extremely important to change your underwear daily, and if necessary even twice a day. Avoid using talcum powder to stay dry, as this again may cause more problems, particularly since most powders are scented.
If after a week of taking these precautions you find that the itching still persists, you should visit your doctor for a diagnosis. There is no need to be embarrassed about discussing this problem with your family doctor, but if you are, you can visit a gynecologist instead.