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Remove Dark Undereye Circles with Skin Care Remedies

My dark circles under eye are getting prominent. Is there any treatment for undereye dark circles and dark circles remedies?

The dark circles that you have under your eyes are not a result of a faulty lifestyle or other environmental causes but rather due to the body’s own clean up mechanism. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels in your skin and are present in a large network across the area of the skin around your eyes. The capillaries are very minute and hence the red blood cells have to really squeeze through to reach the skin. During this process the blood cells sometimes get deviated from their original destination and get deposited in the surrounding areas of skin. The body has a natural mechanism to take care of these lost blood cells. It uses natural enzymes to break down the lost red blood cells and in doing so the hemoglobin present in the cells also gets destroyed. When red hemoglobin is destroyed it leaves behind a blue- black color and leads to the appearance of the characteristic dark circles around the eyes. In reality this leakage of red blood cells occurs all over the body but is more visible in the area under your eyes because; the skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate and hence the capillaries are much closer to the skin’s surface. Apart from ‘capillary leakage’, dark circles may also be caused due to due to a lack of vitamins levels on the body. However this cause is very rare, but reverting to a healthy diet may also help reduce the intensity of the dark circles in your eyes.

The problem of dark circles poses no other danger than a cosmetic one and can be easily remedied using simple home made solutions. One such solution is the use of a wet wash cloth and some herbs. Take a damp (preferably wet) wash cloth and sprinkle it with rosemary. Roll up the cloth and then put it in the microwave to heat for about a minute. Take it out and then place the roll on your eyes. Lay down when doing so and relax by breathing in and out deeply. Once the roll is fully cold remove it from your eyes. Carry this procedure out as often as possible in order to yield effective results. Another remedy that you can try is the use of flour, cold orange juice and honey. Mix all three together (making sure to use a higher proportion of flour than the orange juice or honey) and apply it to the dark circles. Leave it there for about ten or fifteen minutes and then wash it off.