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I developed something like a rash under my right eye. It is not a style. It came quickly and does not itch and it is bright red. Please suggest remedy for under eye skin rashes.

Red Skin Rash Around Eye Remedy and Treatment

The rash you have described would require a medical examination to tell you exactly what has caused it. Since the area under and around the eye is very delicate, you are better off consulting a doctor and figuring out the exact cause for the rash. A doctor is also better equipped to provide you with the medical assistance you may require to get rid of eye rashes. Your regular family doctor would be the one to consult, and if any further specialist examinations are required, then you can also proceed with those. Once you have determined that this is not a dangerous rash that really requires a dedicated course of treatment, then you can use some simple remedies that could help you out. Sandalwood paste is very useful in taking care of rashes of all kinds. If you can make the paste fresh, then it would be even more effective. You can do this by rubbing a damp piece of sandalwood against a marble surface. The wood will emit a pasty residue. This can be scooped up and applied to your rash. This will cool the skin there and will also take away the redness from the general area. If you want, you can also make a paste by adding sandalwood powder to rose water. This will also have the same effect and is also very good for skin care.

Another very effective way to take care an cure skin rashes is to apply fresh, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt to it. Yogurt has live and active bacteria which will help to get rid of almost any kind of rash by feeding off it. Besides, yogurt is also totally harmless as it has no side effects of any kind. Another very effective way taking care of rashes is to make a paste of whole wheat flour and turmeric powder and apply this to your rash. You can use hydrogen peroxide to make the paste. This will sanitize your rash and will also help with healing, a special property of turmeric. The flour is required to bind the paste as well as cool off the skin. Alternately, you can also make a paste of simple corn starch and water and use this to apply to the area. The pastes would have to be left on for about 15 minutes each for best results. If all of these measures do not manage to provide relief, then it is absolutely essential that you seek medical help. Otherwise, the problem could get magnified and cause further damage to the delicate area.