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Red Skin Treatment – Treat Red Skin Irritation on Body

My 12 year old son has red skin irritation and that in my opinion looks as if its chafed. Should I take him to pediatrician? Or is there something that can be done at home to make him more comfortable?

You have not mentioned exactly where your son has red skin irritation. Therefore I am unable to give you more accurate advice. However, if your son is in pain and has suffered from this problem for some time, then you should certainly take him to this doctor. If your son is suffering from an uncontrollable itch, then this could be something he ate. Try to cut down his intake of food items like chocolate and peanuts which will only aggravate any allergy. Instead give him plenty of fluids – you can give him water, of course, and in addition fruit juices. Cutting down on sugar is a good idea too, so you should ensure that the fruit juices do not have added sugar. Avoid giving him spicy food which will aggravate his condition. Give him simple food that has been prepared using a minimum of oils and spices. For the area that is irritated, you should first of all wash it with cool water. If the skin looks red and angry and there are red skin blisters, then you can use an ice pack on the skin. Simply pack a few ice cubes in a thin towel and hold it against the red irritated skin.  This will give your son relief from the itching and red skin swelling.    


Red Skin Symptoms: Red Skin Swelling, Red Skin Itching

You can fill a bathtub with lukewarm and add one large tablespoon of baking powder to this. Ask your son to get into the bathtub and lie in the water for some time. After he has had his bath, you should ensure that he dries himself well. Chafing is usually caused because people tend to neglect to dry themselves thoroughly. However, avoid rubbing him down since this could irritate the red itchy patch of skin. Instead, you should simply pat him dry. You can also use your hair drier to ensure that your son is completely dry. Keep the hair drier on a low heat setting and let your son dry himself completely. The hot air from the drier will help your son and give him relief. After his bath you can gently sprinkle some powder on the red irritated skin. Don’t use any highly scented powder since this could only aggravate the problem. Ensure that your son dresses in loose clothes which are comfortable. More important, these clothes shouldn’t chafe against his skin. You should also ensure that he only wears clothes made of natural fibers. These help the skin to breathe and ensure that his skin is not irritated by synthetic fibers.