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Dark Spot on Nose, Marks on Nose from Glasses, Red Patches on Nose

I have been using spectacles for over 6 years now. Its rubber frame rests on my nose and has made an impression on my nose where the skin has turned dark. Can you help me get rid of dark spot on my nose?  

Trying to get rid of red patch and dark spot on nose would be a particularly tricky thing to do. You should be prepared for the possibility that this may take as much time as it took for the mark to come there. And, in the mean time, you will have to stop wearing glasses as well. If you want to get rid of the marks on nose as well as the indentation caused by the rubber lobes of your glasses, you may want to think about switching to wearing contact lenses instead. Not only will this save you from deepening and darkening the marks on your nose, it is also more beneficial for your eyes to wear lenses. Scientific research supports the fact that wearing contact lenses helps to maintain your number steadily, rather than increasing it, and in some cases may also help to reduce your disability. So your best bet to get rid of marks on nose from glasses as well as to improve your general eye health is to switch to wearing contact lenses.

How to Get Rid of Marks On Nose From Glasses?


For some reason if you cannot do this, then your second option is to change the frames you wear. There are plenty of frames available in the market that don’t have the rubber lobes that rest and put the weight of the spectacles on the bridge of your nose. You need to examine your possibilities and get a new frame to avoid nose scars. The other reason that the bridge of red patches on nose are caused could also be that the frames you are wearing are metallic, and therefore heavier. You should stop using heavy frames altogether to safeguard against these marks. Opt for lightweight frames instead. Rimless light weight glass frames are also extremely beneficial and will serve the purpose just as well.

If your number is very high, your glass lenses could also be thick. This also adds to the weight of your glasses. There are excellent lightweight lenses available that are made not of glass but of a glass like substance which would suit you just as well. While these may cost more, they will be a definite improvement over wearing thick and heavy glasses. In order to lighten the marks you already have, you can try to regularly massage the bridge of your nose, paying special attention to the areas where the marks are. Use with a mix of milk cream and saffron that has been left to soak overnight for this purpose.