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Home Remedy for Poison Ivy and Treatment for Poison Ivy

I got poison ivy. It causes great itching sensation. The rashes are sharp and acute. Can you help me out with any remedies for poison ivy?

Poison ivy is a toxic plant that releases an irritating oily substance known as urushiol. It is this substance that causes rashes to appear when a person comes in contact with it. These rashes are unfortunately extremely itchy. If the rashes appear due to direct contact with the plant, then the rashes are usually linear in nature. But if a person comes in contact with urushiol through some other object, then the rashes could be wide spread. Thankfully, these rashes are not serious, just extremely worrisome and irritating. These rashes go away on their own, usually within a week. The maximum amount of time it takes to disappear is a month. All this depends on how severe the rashes are and how strong your immune system is to resist it. Unfortunately, there is no treatment available for poison ivy. The only thing you can do is take care of the itching till the infection goes away. However, do remember, that the relief from the itching will only be temporary.


Poison Ivy Home Treatment and Cure for Poison Ivy

The first thing that you need to do and one which will work extremely well is to run hot water over the rashes. Hot water tends to numb the itching for a few hours at a stretch. If possible, avoid using regular soap. Instead, use only anti-bacterial soap. Go for a swim in the ocean. Natural salt water has properties that help in curing the itchiness caused by poison ivy. If that is not possible, run a hot bath and pour salt into it. Soak yourself in this bath for at least half an hour. Another thing that will help to cool the infected area and control the itching is a paste made out of sandalwood powder and rose water. Also, the healing properties of sandalwood will ensure that the rashes start healing faster. You can also apply Calamine lotion to take care of the itching. Make a solution of one part bleach and 10 parts water. Apply this to the infected area to get rid of the itching. But make sure that you wash it off within five minutes with hot water. Keeping it longer then that will prove to be more harmful. To take care of the burning