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Home Treatment for Ringworm and Ringworm Infection

I got ringworm fungal infection on my skin. Is there any natural way to treat ringworms?

Ringworm is basically a fungal infection that manifests itself in the form of a red rash that looks like a ring on the surface of our skin. Any skin that remains damp or humid on a regular basis is prone to develop skin fungus. This is the kind of skin that ringworm needs to grow and thrive. Therefore, those people who work in a hot and humid environment where they are constantly perspiring are more prone to ringworm. Since ringworm manifests itself on the top of the skin, it becomes easier to treat it. There are a lot of natural skin care remedies that you can employ to take care of this infection.

To kill the ringworm right away, you can apply concentrated vinegar to it. It might sting a little but it will do the job very effectively. Another thing that is equally effective is tea tree oil. You can also chop raw garlic into tiny pieces and rub it on the infection for the same purpose. Another thing that will help to get rid of this unsightly problem is a mixture of sea salt and lime juice. Again, this will sting but it will help in killing the fungus. Horseradish too is known to be highly effective at killing ringworm. All you need to do is place slices of horseradish on the ringworm to kill it. Apart from killing the ringworm, it is also extremely vital that you regularly sanitize the area where the ringworm is. For this you can either use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. You will not only need to sanitize the area while the ringworm is there but also for a few more days after the ringworm is gone to ensure that it does not reoccur again.


Natural Way to Treat Ringworms

If you don’t want to employ such strong skin care remedies, you can try applying fresh yogurt to the infection. Yogurt has live bacteria that will immediately start fighting the fungus, thereby working towards removing the infection. Since yogurt also has cooling properties, applying yogurt will not sting as much. Apart from all these, you also need to make sure that the skin remains as dry as possible. For this, you will need to bathe at least two or three times a day and wear clothes that are loose and made from natural fiber like cotton so that the skin can breathe easily. Applying a liberal amount of talcum or medicated powder will also help in keeping your skin dry.