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Scaly Skin on Legs, Extremely Dry Skin Treatment

I have scaly skin on my legs so I avoid wearing short skirts, It reduces my confidence too - My leg skin is scaly and very dry; what can I do? Please tell me a home cure.

Sometimes we notice that our skin becomes dry during the dry months or even during summer. Dry skin can usually be treated using good quality moisturizing creams. However, in some cases this becomes a chronic complaint and no matter what one does, the dry skin remains. Not only does the dry skin cause you to feel itchy it can also seriously damage your self esteem. You find that you are unable to wear the kind of clothes that you would want to and this can make you lose your confidence. When you notice that you have dry and scaly skin you may also notice that you are overcome by an urge to scratch yourself. When this happens it is actually a good idea to consult your doctor since in some cases this could be indicative of some medical condition that requires attention.

In the meanwhile, you can try some simple home remedies. You can ensure that your bath water is never too hot. Add a few drops of your favorite oil to the bath water. You can use some good quality oil and massage this into your skin before your bath. Both these methods will help your skin feel softer and less scratchy. You can ensure that you apply the moisturizer at a time when your skin is still slightly damp. The damp skin is able to absorb the cream faster. You should also take care to ensure that you do not irritate your already tender skin by rubbing it dry. You should pat it dry. Although heaters and air conditioning units are a part of our lives now, you should ensure that you do not sit in a spot that is right in their way.  If you are forced to use an air conditioner or even a heater, then you should be prepared to moisturize the atmosphere by placing bowls of water everywhere. Try to avoid going out in the sun too often, since the overexposure to the sun will cause a great deal of harm to the hair. When you do have to go out, you should keep yourself well covered by dressing in clothes with long sleeves. Using clothes made of natural fabrics is a good idea since these clothes will not chafe against your skin. For the same reason you should wear comfortable clothes which are not very tight since this will be very harsh on the affected part of your body.