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Natural Healing for Eczema

I am suffering from eczema since some time. Can you please advice tips for healing eczema or natural healing eczema?

If you are suffering from eczema, then you should be aware of a variety of facts about this problem. The first thing to know is that there is no known “cure” for healing eczema or no natural healing for eczema. Eczema is pretty much like the common cold, it will run its course and leave. All you can do while eczema is living out its life is take certain method that will provide relief from the itching that typically accompanies eczema. Even if there are no known cures as healing for eczema, the symptoms can be controlled and helped out with, but no more than that is possible. It is also good to know that eczema usually does not last for excessively long periods of time and for most part, it can cure itself along the way. You can use some simple methods for relief. Make a paste with equal quantities of sandalwood powder and rose water. Applying this to the particularly itchy spots will bring relief. Sandalwood will also heal any skin from the area that may have been abraded due to scratching. Nutmeg and tomato peels crushed together and applied will stop the itching almost at once. You can also apply this as frequently as you want. Rose petals are also an excellent way to take care of the itchiness. You can crush them with honey and apply to your itchy spots. Alternately, you can also use cucumber juice mixed with honey. This will also help tremendously with the itchiness.

Healing Eczema Naturally

You should also work towards keeping your skin supple and well moisturized when you are suffering from eczema. This is because dryness leads to aggravation of the situation. Pure olive oil or vitamin E oil applied to your body immediately after a bath will take care of excessive dryness and provide automatic relief as well. Make a lotion with camphor crystals that have been powdered and left to stand in whole creamy milk for a couple of hours. This will moisturize your skin richly and will also provide relief from the itching. Milk is a particularly good product to use for relief in healing eczema. You must also try to drink at least two glasses a day. Try to add rose syrup or sandalwood syrup to your milk if you can. This will add taste and also help to cool your body from within. You can also make a paste of over ripe bananas and fresh milk cream and apply this to your particularly itchy spots for healing as well as relief to help you in healing eczema naturally.