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Natural Cure for Ring Worm Infection, Natural Remedy for Ring Worm

I am suffering from ringworm - Please suggest me cure of ringworm or some ringworm medicine.

Ringworm is an infection of the skin that has a brownish or red appearance on the skin. It appears in the form of raised bumpy patches of skin that are light in the centre and has a dark outer ring caused by an increase in pigmentation. Ring worm as the name would imply, is not a worm but a parasitic fungi that generally appears anywhere on the body. When it appears on the face or the scalp area it causes a bald patch to appear. Ringworm spreads from person to person through indirect physical contact such as use of a hair brush or a towel used by a person who already has ringworm. The disease is very contagious and one should take preventive measures immediately in order to prevent others who live in close proximity from being affected. Treatment for ringworm can be carried using topical anti- bacterial lotions and creams, but consult your doctor before you undergo any self treatment. Other than over the counter medications you can also try any one these home remedies mentioned below. Shea butter soap has been found to be helpful in clearing out ringworm; however the treatment takes time in order for it to be effective. Goldenseal root tea can also be used topically to clear a flare-up of ringworm. The root is well known for its fungus fighting properties.

Tea tree oil is also used to treat ringworm and also other fungal infections like athletes foot and a Candida infection. You can use the oil directly on your skin but if your skin is sensitive you can dilute it using some jojoba oil (12: 1 ratio).Oregano oil is a good remedy for ringworm as it contains anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents. Treatment usually takes some time so do not discontinue treatment unless you have an allergic reaction. Although you will have cured yourself of ringworm eventually you can have a relapse if you do not take any preventive measures. The ringworm fungi thrive in warm moist areas like locker room floor, swimming pools and dirty moist clothes. Therefore to avoid walking barefoot in locker rooms or swimming pools. Never share clothing, towels or sheets with unknown people. Make sure to wash your clothes in hot water with an anti- bacterial detergent if you think you might have been exposed to the fungus. Finally if you’re the infection does not recede even after self treatment it is advisable to consult your doctor as the fungus will eventually spread to other parts of the body.