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Lighten Dark Lips, Get Rid of Dark Upper Lip, My Upper Lip is Dark

My lips are dark at the corners and the upper lip is dark too. The lower lip is red. Please suggest me some effective remedies to get rid of dark upper lip and lighten my dark lips

Dark Lips Remedy for Dark Red Lips

Very often we find that our lips turn black. This can cause acute embarrassment and it is only natural that you look for some remedy that will help change the color of your lips to red or pink again. If you are a smoker then you should stop smoking immediately since this is known to cause the darkening of lips. Similarly, drinking tea or coffee in excessive quantities can also cause the lips to turn dark. If you are addicted to endless cups of tea or coffee, you should cut down on your intake of these beverages immediately. Sometimes bad quality of cosmetics can also cause this darkening of the lips. If you are using lipstick that is past its expiry date then this could be the reason for the darkness of your lips.

Application of lemon juice is believed to reduce the darkness of lips and make lips pink.  You can squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply this to your lips. Remember to do it regularly for best results. Also, you can apply this at night and go to sleep with the lemon on your lips.  A mixture of lemon juice and a few drops of honey are also believed to be very effective. Almond oil is also believed to be very effective in reducing the dark spot on lips. Glycerin can be applied on the lips too. You can also use unsalted butter to moisturize your lips. All of these things can be applied last thing at night and washed off in the morning.

You can grind some pomegranate seeds to extract the juice. Add a few drops of beetroot juice to this and apply on your lips. This will certainly lighten your lips. You can also peel a piece of beetroot and apply this on your lips. The juice of coriander leaves too is believed to be effective in lightening dark lips.

Almonds soaked overnight can easily be ground to a smooth paste in the morning. Add a little fresh cream to this and a few drops of lemon juice. This is sure to cure your dark lips. Just as old lipsticks can cause the lips to darken, in some cases an allergic reaction to some brands of toothpaste can cause the lips to darken. You can test this theory by changing your toothpaste and observing the condition of your lips after this. A healthy and balanced diet can certainly help reduce the dark tone of your lips. You should eat fruits and vegetables. You should avoid eating unhealthy food and try to lead a regular lifestyle.