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How to Lighten Dark Skin

I want to make my skin color light. How to lighten dark skin?

Most people in the world seem dissatisfied with the way they look and a majority of them would like to be fairer than they already are. Although there are a variety of cosmetics which promise to lighter dark skin, the natural way of lightening skin color is far safer and effective. You should keep in mind the fact that lightening your skin color is a long process and that you will have to follow certain steps regularly. You will have to not only use a variety of face masks but also ensure that your diet is healthy. You can mix a tablespoon of milk cream with a small amount of turmeric and apply this on your skin. You can wash this off after fifteen minutes. A tablespoon of gram flour, when mixed with a few drops of milk and some turmeric becomes a very effective face mask. This can be applied regularly to the face and left on till it hardens slightly. You can also use this to clean your elbows and knees.

Mix two tablespoon of oatmeal with the juice of one ripe tomato and a little yogurt. Make a paste and apply on your face. This can be left on the face for half an hour and then be washed off.  You can dry orange peel and store in a dry container. Grind a few pieces of the orange peel with some yogurt and apply on your face. Fifteen minutes of this face mask can be very effective in lightening the skin color. Soak four almonds overnight. You can then grind them to a fine paste.  You will need to add some milk to this. Apply this paste on your face at bedtime. You should allow this to work on your face overnight and wash it off in the morning. You should remember to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun. It is a good idea to invest in a good umbrella. You can also use a wide brimmed hat that will protect the skin on the back of your neck also.

You should eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables which will give your skin a glow. Eating ripe papaya in particular is very good for the skin. Other fruits too can be eaten regularly. Among vegetables you should eat radish regularly and cut down on your intake of potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage. Drinking water through out the day will make your skin appear very healthy.