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Rash in Leukemia, Leukemia Skin Rash, Lukemia Rash

I need help on Leukemia Skin Rash. Can some one please answer?

Leukemia and Rash

Skin rashes caused due to treatment of leukemia can be particularly difficult to treat. This is simply because no single reason can be assigned to them. They could be a result of the kind of treatment administered to you. They could also be burn related rashes that have erupted if you have been treated using radiation. Treatment is not only difficult, it is also challenging, as your rashes may recur if your treatment is not yet completely finished. The best thing you can do in this case is find ways to soothe your skin.

One of the best treatments you can employ is to make a paste like mix of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply this to your rashes. This will cool as well as heal them to a large degree. Sandalwood has cooling properties that will help you considerably. Another excellent remedy you can employ is to use overripe bananas and milk. Make a mashed mix of both these substances and apply to your rashes. This will give you instant relief from the immense discomfort that usually accompanies any kind of rash anywhere.

Bananas also contain zinc, which is know to help considerably with healing. You can also use overripe tamarind to provide relief to your rashes. Take some tamarind and soak it overnight. Mash it with your fingers so that it becomes slushy. This can be applied to your rashes to help provide relief. Be careful that you avoid using this method if you have the kind rashes that itch and scratch, as this can worsen your itching. There are also certain skin types that are allergic to tamarind. In order to figure out if yours is one, apply a bit of it to your inner elbow. If it reacts adversely, then you know that you cannot use this method.

Corn starch is yet another very effective way to get relief from any kind of rashes, particularly itchy ones. If you have itching rashes, you can use a paste made of corn starch and plain water to soothe them. This also has healing properties that can actually help with healing your rashes. Another healing agent you can use is turmeric powder. You can make a paste of turmeric powder with clarified butter and apply this to your rashes. This will help with healing, and the clarified butter will provide relief from any itching you may be experiencing. This can be applied as frequently as desired.